¿Por qué seguir las buenas prácticas en la clasificación de productos en una página de categoría?

Porque el 50% al 70% de la facturación se genera en la primera línea de una página de listado de productos. Por lo tanto, clasificar los productos en una página de listado de productos (o página de categoría) es clave para maximizar el túnel de conversión.

Por Team WMB, 18 diciembre 2018

As you know, buying criteria for a customer are different depending on the type of products sold.

  • We buy luxury leather goods in a very different way than we buy accessories.
  • We buy accessories in a different way than a car.
  • We buy discounted products in a different way than new products ...

But then in which order should I display my products?

50% to 70% of the turnover is generated on the 1st line of a product listing page, but then what products must absolutely be highlighted:

  • My sales tops?
  • My top rated products?
  • My lowest prices?
  • My "Must Have"?
  • My strong promotions?

To make your decision, you will need to put in place key performance indicators that will help you make the right tactical choices with advanced analytics.

It's no longer a secret, it's important to have a powerful product list on your categories. Even though some ranking methods exist, you may be stuck in your strategy. It's time for you to move on to the next step because you can not afford to display unattractive and ineffective racking in your online store.

Know that the way you work or group the products displayed can catch the attention of customers and even allow them to imagine how they can be used.

Tell the story of your brand with your products.

Start by telling a story to manage the ranking of products in their entirety, whether for a single category or subcategory.

This will give you keys for:

  • Understand how each product in your offering affects the user experience.
  • Guarantee your differentiation with your sales and marketing strategy by offering a digital showcase representative of your core business and your commercial activities.
  • Easily adapt the proposed product offer based on the results and performance of your products.
  • Develop, test, and analyze your organization strategies produced at the category and sub-category level based on performance and available product criteria.

Never forget your goal to get a 100% winning strategy: Adapt my offer on the listings pages according to my target customer, my brand strategy and marketing and business events they involve is a performance mechanism.

Finally, think about maximizing the productivity of your merchandising because with the optimization of the categories pages you have the possiblity:

  • to adapt your product offer and make it known to your audience (visitors or customers).
  • to ensure consistency between your presented strategy and your marketing speech.
  • to increase profits by maximizing conversions.
  • tomeasure inventory rotations and master unsold products.
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