¿Cómo mejorar tu e-merchandising?

Como comerciante electrónico consciente, está haciendo todo lo posible por mejorar la experiencia del cliente en su sitio de comercio electrónico. Sin embargo, a menudo vuelve a aparecer un problema: ¿cómo promover el descubrimiento del producto?

Por Team WMB, 11 abril 2019

Navigating a visitor through your categories is a key step in the e-commerce process, and presenting a frozen e-merchandising is the best way to drop your conversion rate.

Your potential customers want to find the product they are looking for quickly and easily, so adapt to their behavior and display this product as quickly as possible.

Remember that 85% of people who do not find their product in less than 2 minutes leave the site and 60% of them will never come back, so let them know a maximum of products in a minimum of time.

Define e-merchandising in a nutshell.

E-merchandising (e-merchandising in French) is a set of merchandising techniques ensuring optimal commercial distribution of products and presentation of products on a merchant site. E-merchandising comes from point-of-sale merchandising, shops and physical stores.

Since the sales process often begins with the eyes, merchandising generally involves presenting products in a favorable visual angle, in an attempt to encourage purchases.

Digital merchandising or e-merchandising combines all the actions to promote and sell your products once the potential customer has arrived in your online shop.

What are the goals of an E-merchandising strategy?

Merchandising is not just about moving stored products, but also planning and staging these products with specific goals. Online stores that carefully organize the products that customers are looking for in priority will gain an additional competitive advantage.

The merchant maximizes his sales while respecting the business constraints, he can play on the scope of the presented offer and the commercial actions in progress with the sole purpose of meeting the expectations of the customer.

An effective e-merchandising strategy allows for:

  • Increased sales
  • Faster Inventory Rotation
  • Increased time spent on the site by shoppers online
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer loyalty

Ensure the success of its E-merchandising strategy.

Merchandising is not just about moving stored products, it's also about planning products with specific goals.

To ensure the success of an e-merchandising strategy, it is essential to take into account:

  • The product catalog product offer
  • The desire of buyers on the site
  • Knowledge of products available for sale
  • The marketing strategy and business plan of the company

Available placements to optimize merchandising should allow consistency between the company's strategy and the organization of the displayed products. Here are 3 axes to exploit:

  • Product listings
  • The search engine and result listings
  • Product recommendations

The performance of the results is significant tools that helps in the implementation and use of predictive algorithms. Historical data analysis allows for 1-to-1 customization of cross selling, up selling, internal search engine optimization and product listings for online stores (Magento, Oracle e-commerce, Ibm websphere, Sales force, Shopify ...).

Animate your site with marketing and sales campaigns.

Work with key performance indicators (or KPIs) to ensure your decision-making by choosing the ones that are relevant to your business: conversion rate, revenue generated ...

Put your most converting products forward.

The products on your first category page are those that will convert the most.

To be certain to increase your conversion rate, highlight your bestsellers, which will sell for sure. If you want to improve your margin, it's the same principle. You'll earn + 15% to + 25% conversion rate on average.

Seduce undecided customers with gondola heads.

The majority of sales are lost because of a last-minute change of mind, or because of an inability to make a choice: at best, the indecisive customer will postpone buy it later, at worst, it will go to the competition or not buy.

Customize the customer journey.

To improve your conversion rate, you have to offer your customers the right product, at the right price and at the right time. One difficulty, however, is that each customer is unique and searches for a specific product.

Did you know? 30% of Amazon's sales come from personalized recommendations.

Fortunately, some companies offer personalized recommendations to each of your customers using predictive algorithms. These blocks of recommendations are real assets, which must be used to optimize its E-merchandising and customer experience.

Your customers, who will find quickly and without looking for the product they dreamed of, will buy more: the improvement of the conversion rate can go up to + 15%, and this increases the customer loyalty.

By advising products that appeal to your customers, you improve your conversion rate on your E-commerce. Again, all scenarios are possible so you do not miss any conversion and improve your conversion rate: Cross-selling, up-selling, similar products, browsing history.

Smartly placed, the recommendation blocks improve your bounce rate, and increase your chances of converting, by guiding lost customers on a 404 page, for example.

Perform A / B tests.

The A / B test (or A / B testing) is an axis of improvement of the profitability or the desired objective to obtain the best marketing campaigns.

The purpose of the A / B test is to measure its objective (income, conversion, page views ...) on two or more scenarios. Depending on the results, it becomes clear to choose the most effective scenario according to the objective defined upstream. Data collected from an A / B test can track engagement to improve marketing campaigns and can also influence the creation of thematic categories.

It is important to keep and identify the elements that work from those who are not going to gradually improve the offer presented to its customers.

In conclusion, optimizing your e-merchandising is essential today to increase your conversion rate, and retain your customers. In this article, we have given you an overview to know all the existing levers to offer an attractive product catalog to the greatest number, while personalizing everyone's experience.

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