¿Cómo definir searchandising?

¿No sabes qué es Searchandising? ¿No sabe cuáles son las diferencias entre un motor de búsqueda interno y un sistema de búsqueda? Antes de embarcarse en la aventura del e-merchandising, es importante entender los términos básicos.

Por Team WMB, 18 diciembre 2018

In the world of digital and e-commerce, marketers and e-merchandisers know for a fact that Searchandising (or internal search engine for merchandising ) plays an important role in the customer journey.

Nevertheless, too many brands and e-merchants only partially use the potential of internal search engines to guide visitors and display products that correlate with their brand and product goals and simply view them as a tool that can help navigation with tailored suggestions.

How to define Searchandising?

Before defining the term Searchandising, it's important to understand what the search engine is for your e-commerce site.

By analogy, the "internal search engine" of your site can be compared to the referral of a salesman in a store that will direct you on the shelves according to your request. Once the radius is found, this is where the Searchandising intervenes so that the results are correlated with the offer you want to display.

But then how to define the term Searchandising?

Searchandising is an English neologism that is directly associated with the e-commerce search engine for online sales sites.

Searchandsing combines two concepts of product search and merchandising on an e-commerce site with technology and algorithms that allow visitors to find the relevant product. looking for them.

The primary objective is to provide an internal search engine with intelligent features such as filters, auto-completion, geolocation, or tolerance on keystroke errors to make it easier for the visitor to access the desired product.

Note that to ensure the success of a Searchandising strategy, it is essential to couple this objective with product suggestions and a successful organization of results pages in line with the commercial objectives of the e-commerce site.

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