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Predictive marketing

What is WMB technology?

Developed by Webmarketing Booster, WMB technology is based on predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. Webmarketing Booster offers a unique platform that combines a set of features and automates the time-consuming tasks of e-business.

E-business accelerator

What are the benefits of WMB technology?

The industrialization of machine learning algorithms and the automation of low value-added tasks on a single platform enable E-business to target customer populations or segments more effectively.
The goal is to help companies better understand their customers to make marketing investments profitable by focusing on the areas of analysis and optimization.

What are the advantages of WMB technology?

The WMB engineering focused on the development of a solution with complementary functionalities of each other. The algorithms can work at a micro level or holistically to access a complete customization of the customer journey and maximize your turnover.

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