Visual Merchandiser

Sell more, faster, and better. Optimize your product rankings for each customer and hit your sales targets.

Automated product strategy

Schedule your e-merchandising campaigns in less than ten minutes. It’s that fast.

Set up as many e-merchandising campaigns as you want for each product category in your catalog.

Preview the results of your upcoming campaigns :

– Season launches
– End-of-season sales
– Private sales
– Holidays, Black Friday
– Promotional events

Visual catalog management

Visually manage your product catalogs.

Use your unique skills and experience to set up and optimize your visual merchandising strategy in real time. Organize your product rankings and select your promo products in just a few clicks. Simply drag-and-drop to move products, set filters to promote new products, and create automated rules and scenarios to boost your top sellers.

Product Listing Optimization

Make sure the right shoppers see each product in your catalog.

Visual Merchandiser also optimizes product placement on your product listing pages in real time according to your business objectives (boost conversion rates, increase margins, etc.) and your audience. Each visitor sees a listing page with a completely personalized product ranking. Segmentation is automated and is based on consumers’ online behavior.

Customer segmentation

Give each shopper a predictive, personalized product ranking.

WMB’s AI-powered technology automatically segments your site visitors and personalizes product listing pages in real time for each individual visitor and according to your sales strategy. Each customer sees a targeted and relevant selection of products for increased product sales.

Main features

Know how your visual merchandising strategy is performing and make smarter decisions.


Set up your campaigns the easy way with drag-and-drop, optimized promo products, personalized rules, and more.


Get even more out of your top selling products with easy-to-use statistical filters.


Create, preview, and schedule your e-merchandising campaigns several months in advance for more efficient management of your e-merchandising strategy.


Organize your product listing pages quickly and easily by sorting and applying preconfigured optimizations for type of product, brand, SKU, or other characteristics.


Duplicate strategies on other product categories or sites in just one click.


Optimize your product listing pages automatically and hit your sales targets.

Success stories

The following brands are selling more online with WMB.

Do you want to get more out of your e-commerce site, too?

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Visual Merchandiser definition


Whether it is for a brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce site, visual merchandising is the art of displaying products in a way that highlights their features and benefits to consumers. Visual merchandising is one way to engage shoppers and influence them to make a purchase. Visual merchandising is part art and part science. Online visual merchandising requires powerful yet user-friendly tools capable of taking into account sales and other business objectives and, more generally, making sure an e-commerce site is profitable.

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