Functionality WMB Visual Merchandiser

Each product has a history, WMB gives you the opportunity to tell yours with features designed to improve the discovery of your product offer on the listings pages of your site.


Maximize the performance of your product listings with automated scenarios to organize the best selling potential of your products with your data, history and goals. Find the right mix and apply your strategy quickly.

Campaigns and scenarios

Plan your product strategy on your category pages in less than 10 minutes and automate your upcoming campaigns to prepare your marketing and sales events.

Performance optimization

You do not have time to manage your listing page? Access automatic optimizations of the positions of your products on some or all of your site. Each lens is customizable and can be adjusted at any time depending on performance.

Product listing algorithm (I.A.)

WMB technology is responsible for optimizing and maximizing the position of all your products according to your objective with automatic optimization (conversion, sales or profitability, revenue, clicks ...). There are more than 50 possible optimizations to increase the turnover of your e-commerce site.

Product Rank Score (P.R.S)

The WMB algorithm automatically calculates a Product Rank Score (PRS), then the listing page is sorted by descending PRS to schedule the listing according to the desired objective. This score makes it possible to understand how each product appears on the list of your category.

Merchandising rules.

Refine your settings like a pro, WMB Visual Merchandiser offers more than 100 features on advanced product and statistical criteria. Create specific business rules for your business that fit your strategy.

Advanced sorting

Sort your product listings and combine your sorts according to the product attributes of your catalog and statistics. Automate the sorting of your listings according to the importance of certain criteria relating to your business (Stock, Promotion ...).

Hero Positions

With the WMB scenarios, you choose the product positions that must change automatically depending on the characteristics and performance of your products such as: top selling, top promotion, top performance, best score...

Send to the top / end

Send one or more products at the beginning or end of your product listing based on an attribute or a succession of rules.

Promote / demote

Compose your business rules, favor or disadvantage products, typologies or specific criteria of your business.

Drag and drop

With the drag n 'drop WMB feature, you can adjust and move your products where you want them in your product listings grid. You keep control over your strategy.


WMB Visual Merchandiser offers you new possibilities for indexing additional pages and capturing new customers on long tail search terms. Increase the performance of your SEO.

Structure of the preserved site

With the use of WMB technology, we automatically take over the structure of your site. You gain access to new opportunities through your product offering.

Rewriting filters and facets urls

Technology is thought S.E.O. friendly with rewriting filter urls, Google can access each url. All of your pages exist with search engines and your site opens up to new SEO potential.

Structured data and metas

The structure of the WMB pages automatically embed the structured data for a better understanding of the data by Google.


The design of your listings pages is 100% customizable and allows you to improve the user experience of your site in accordance with your graphic charter. Adding, removing or moving filters becomes easy with WMB Visual Merchandiser.

Improve the user experience

Improve the customer experience and view new filters, or remove them from your page to suit your needs.

Add / delete filters and facets

Add filters, pagination, and more on your page to meet your needs and improve the user experience.

Add custom sorts

Sort your listings by relevance, best selling potential or decreasing promotion. Create and customize the sorting of your listings pages to improve the discovery of your product offer.


Help you with datas to simplify your decision making. Access statistics to study the performance of your marketing and sales campaigns and those of your products to make adjustments and understand the journey of your customers.

Performance of your products

Do you know enough about your products? WMB gives you advanced product data and a better understanding of the purchasing path of your customers and potential customers.

Performance of your campaigns

Measure all marketing and sales campaigns, analyze what worked and how to implement it for your next events.

Optimize your first category page.

Installed in 1 click. No credit card required. Without engagement.

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