Template Creator

The fast, easy way to design professional 1:1 personalized omnichannel communications that support your marketing strategy.

Email templates

Create personalized emails in just minutes.

Simply drag-and-drop to create personalized mobile-optimized email templates. Start with existing templates you can customize to meet your needs (shopping cart reminder, customer review request, newsletter, order confirmation, etc.). WMB’s technology makes it easy to integrate product recommendations or context-aware content for your audience. You won’t believe the results!

Pop-up templates

Display personalized ads for each visitor.

A user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create personalized responsive pop-ups to engage your visitors in real time. The Template Creator includes overlay templates for a variety of situations (abandoned shopping cart re-engagement, newsletter sign-up, incentives to add more to shopping cart, etc.).

SMS templates

The easy way to roll out your mobile strategy.

Deepen customer engagement with SMS messages crafted with the Template Creator. Personalize your SMS messages with the recipients’ name, gender, etc. to more effectively target your marketing communications.

Key features

A powerful template creation tool to simplify your communications.


Simply drag-and-drop to create your email, SMS, and pop-up templates in minutes. No coding required!

Express yourself

Enjoy the freedom to design messages that reflect your brand image.

Go mobile

Create natively responsive and mobile-optimized templates to give your customers a stellar experience whatever device they are using.


Deliver true 1:1 communications by inserting personalized product recommendations and content for each recipient.

Customer success stories

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Definition : Template Creator


A template creator or template generator is used to simplify the creation of emails, newsletters, SMS messages, and pop-ups. No specific programming knowledge is required. Drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy for marketing professionals to create the messages they need. And, with today’s technology, each customer or prospect in a CRM or other database, can receive truly personalized messages.

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