Personalize your shoppers’ search results and boost your online sales with a self-learning e-commerce search engine.

Personalized search suggestions

Recommend the perfect product as soon as your customer starts typing.

Help your site visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily with search features like personalized auto-complete, auto-correct, synonyms, substitutions, multi-attribute searches and product suggestions.

Optimized search results

Generate the most relevant search results, in any language.

WMB’s technology can memorize your site’s browser history and product performance. Each search results page is tailored to the individual search and is optimized in real time with a relevant product ranking to meet your objectives (sales, potential, margins, etc.).

Searchandising strategy

Analyze your on-site search engine’s performance for continuous improvement.

Track and analyze visitor behavior and gain insights that will help you make the customer experience smoother and more efficient. Your site will attract more visitors and sell more, too! Turn each search using your on-site search engine into an opportunity to sell.

Key features

Identify the performance of your search engine and simplify your decision-making.


Automate your search result configuration depending on your business objectives.


Track search result performance and make adjustments for continuous improvement and revenue growth.


Personalize your suggestions and search results with multi-lingual capabilities.


Optimize your search results and hit your sales targets.

Customer success stories

The following brands are selling more online with WMB.

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Searchandising definition


Searchandising is a concept that applies specifically to search engines on e-commerce sites. It combines product search capabilities with merchandising with the goal of helping customers find the most relevant products when they conduct a search. Searchandising includes features like filters, auto-complete, geolocation, and typo-tolerance to help shoppers find what they need quickly and easily. A successful searchandising strategy should also include product suggestions and effectively-organized search results pages aligned with the e-commerce site’s sales objectives.

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