What are the brakes in setting up a merchandising strategy on a category page?

Do you have functional brakes in your platform that do not allow you to complete your e-merchandising strategy? In this article, we will discover what are the brakes that can hinder the development of a merchandising strategy.

By Team WMB, 18 December 2018

Do you have functional brakes in your platform? Are you aware of the possibilities that digital allows?

Here is a method that will allow you to make the right choice with regard to the optimization of your catalog and the placement of your products.

Features to be determined.

Each problem has its solution. First you need to identify the brakes that do not allow you to apply your strategy on your listings pages.

Here are the features you may need:

  • Visual management interface
  • Campaign creation to manage your future events
  • Drag n'drop
  • Boost rules to favor or disadvantage poorly performing products
  • Simple or successive tris for your categories sales, news, etc.
  • A predictive ranking to optimize your goal ...

Once you've identified the features you need, I suggest you decide what kind of solution is right for your project.

Choose a suitable solution.

The choice of a solution to optimize the implementation of its product ranking must respond to the more or less advanced strategy that you want to implement and to your needs.

Often, your possibilities in terms of optimization and implementation of the custom product ranking depend on your e-commerce platform (or CMS). The latter may not be appropriate if the proposed features do not match your strategy.

In case it does not suit you, you can choose from 4 solutions:

Available solution

Technical requirements

Lead time

Cost of setting up

Wait for the evolutions of your CMS platform ;-)




Develop a custom tool




Acquire an open source module or pay




Use a SaaS solution




Focus on choosing a SaaS solution.

SaaS solutions are various and varied and allow to bring related functionalities that a third-party publisher or CMS (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Hybris ...) do not allow natively perform.

Its main advantage is its flexibility and intuitive visual interfaces. However the good quality of the information provided is very important for the chosen solution to be effective and allows you an optimal management of the merchandising (list of attributes, description products, etc.).

There are two main aspects to consider when choosing a SaaS solution:

  • Your need versus the number of features.
  • The installation and implementation time versus the price of the solution.

Product listings pages (PLPs), whether associated with categories or search results, can be filtered and make it easier for users to navigate and convert.
Product listings pages are also referred to as category page, product collection page, or search results page.

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