Sale: 6 tips to make your sales profitable.

Promoting sale effectively is essential to making the most of it. Whether you sell in France, in Europe or anywhere in the world, it is necessary to adopt a product strategy in line with your objectives.

By Team WMB, 18 December 2018

Before the start of the sales period, we must be well prepared to avoid a high level of stress knowing that 7 out of 10 French intend to perform online shopping according to a CSA study for the Fevad.

Between the preparation of your physical store, the preparation of packages and the sending of orders, your sales campaigns mobilize your digital teams in the field.

To make your job easier, avoid unpleasant surprises and maximize your sales, it's important to be well-prepared regardless of the size of your business.

At this crucial time for your business, we want to help you maximize your business with your online store. It's important to ensure that your actions and strategy are planned in advance and that your KPIs are well-managed and realistic.

Along the 6 tips in this article, you'll find actions to help you maximize your pay period.

1. Decrypt the legislation of your country.

In France, for example, the practice of balances is strictly regulated by law and merchants must respect several constraints, in particular concerning the authorized periods and the possible products to be sold. Here are some points to master for the French market:

  • To pay for unsold products, e-merchants are allowed to practice balances twice a calendar year, the dates of which are fixed by the regulations (winter sales and summer sales).
  • At the national level, winter sales start on the second Wednesday of January at 8 am (or on the 1st of Wednesday if 2nd) dated after 12).
  • Sold products must have been offered for sale and paid for at least 1 month before the beginning of sales.
  • The seller must clearly point out the proposed discounts in relation to a real reference price and a balancing transaction must mention:
    • the start date of the operation
    • the nature of the goods being sold

For detailed information, consult the legislation of the French market.
Do you sell in other countries in Europe? here is summary information that may be useful to you.

After you have complied with the legislation, you can start planning your balance strategy.

2. Learn how to read the information from your internal search engine.

After Black Friday for your customers celebrating Christmas or Hanukah, there is a slack period that is often underused by e-merchants and yet allows better predict future buying behavior on your site. Consumers start planning their purchases during this period to benefit from discounted rates.

Your internal search engine allows you to locate Internet requests that will allow you to plan your promotions based on your products and / or ranges so that your consumers looking for products can find them.

3. Plan and organize your promotions in advance.

Before planning your marketing actions, it is important to target the offer you are going to offer so as not to disappoint your visitors.

A golden rule is that strong promotions for a product are associated with a low stock to avoid a loss of profit too important. If you follow this example, you will not make any mistakes in managing your promotions.

4. Plan and organize your markdowns.

Once the promotions associated with each product you want to sell, you need to plan the other markdowns with a discount of your promotions based on the remaining stocks and the seniority of the collection.

5. Prepare the ranking of your sales category.

It is important to prepare your communication on a single category because your future customers are always looking for good deals. But be careful, applying the lowest price is no longer enough, you must highlight your markdowns with labels that clearly display the discount.

In addition, having a category that includes all the sale products makes it easier to navigate your customers and to have a safe haven for your communication newsletter, social networks. .

The product ranking needs to be optimized to get the most out of it, so you do not go wrong follow the tips below:

  1. For the first 3 days of sales, rank descending by promotion.
  2. Classify products with the same promotions according to your goal (conversion rate, margin, turnover ...) usual to optimize the positioning of each product.
  3. After the strong period of destocking, focus only on your goal and no longer consider your promotions on your product ranking.

6. Check your usual checklist.

  1. Test your website and check your servers to make sure that traffic increases do not slow down your services.
  2. Create your image and advertising banners in advance, remember to communicate well on social networks.
  3. Create basket stimulus emails so you do not miss any sales.
  4. Work out an adapted newsletter with your most important markdown.
  5. Make competitive intelligence at least once a day to react, if necessary.
  6. Rate and learn from your mistakes by taking into account the results of your actions.
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