How to optimize your search engine with searchandising?

Do you suffer search results and can not edit them? And if you are looking for a new way to help your visitors discover the right product in your internal search engine with Searchandising.

By Team WMB, 18 December 2018

Is your internal search engine not performing well enough? Looking to implement a strategy within your search results during your collection launches? Do you have a lot of searches that do not show any results? Do you suffer search results and can not edit them?

And if you're looking for a new way to help your visitors discover the right product in your internal search engine with Searchandising.

Do you know how to define Searchandising?

Before defining the term Searchandising, it's important to understand what the search engine is for your e-commerce site.

By analogy, the "internal search engine" of your site can be compared to the referral of a salesman in a store that will guide you on the shelves according to your request . Once the radius is found, this is where the Searchandising intervenes so that the search results are correlated with the offer you want to display.

If you want to know the full definition of Searchandising this article may interest you: How to define the Searchandising?

Why is this technique closely related to the performance of an e-commerce site?

The rationalization of marketing expenses and the qualitative targeting of prospects make it possible to increase the conversion rate and customer loyalty.

The quality of the research results presented is a determining factor in the user's browsing and the buyer's journey when we know that:

  • 20% to 60% of visitors do at least one search on an e-commerce site.
  • The larger the catalog, the more the search engine is structuring when discovering the product offering.
  • 1 in 5 buyers spend at least once on the search page.

And if the secret to increasing your conversion rate lies in the way you organize your search results in order to discover the products based on your commercial and marketing events.

What features are expected for a Searchandising engine?



Semantic optimization

Auto-completion for the search bar


Display speed and relevance of results

Management of the lack of results

Design and formatting

Faceted Filters

Quick access to popular searches

Graphic highlighting of product tops

Product Ranking

Objective (sale, conversion, personalization ...)

Pinned Product Placement

Gondola heads and tops produced

Promote and boost product

Performance and Analysis

Often, your possibilities in terms of optimization and implementation of Searchandising depend on your e-commerce platform (or CMS). Also, the choice of a solution to optimize the implementation of your Searchandising must answer to the more or less advanced strategy that you want to set up and to your needs.

  1. A design of search results with adapted filters that match the behavior of your users.
  2. An engine that optimizes site semantics to maximize engine performance.
  3. Customized search results based on visitor and buyer navigation.
  4. The ability to adjust the ranking of products according to each query (search terms) of your users.

Available solution

Technical need

Lead time

Cost of setting up

Wait for the evolutions of your CMS platform ;-)




Develop a custom tool




Acquire an open source module or pay




Use a SaaS solution




In conclusion, gaining productivity in the management of searchandsing simply increases profits by quickly moving products in and out of stock, sometimes with artificial intelligence that helps you in your daily tasks and ensures the satisfaction of your customers.

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