How to define the personalized recommendation?

You do not know what the custom recommendation is? You do not know what are the differences between a site with or without the personalized recommendation? Before embarking on the adventure of E-merchandising, it is important to understand the basic terms.

By Team WMB, 18 December 2018

In the world of digital and e-commerce, marketers and e-merchandisers are well aware that the personalized recommendation (or recommendation engine) plays an important role in the customer journey.

Nevertheless, too many brands and e-merchants are only partially using the potential of product recommendations to guide visitors and display products that correlate with their brand and product goals and simply view them as a tool which can help navigation with complementary products.

But then, how to define what is the personalized recommendation?

The product recommendation for e-commerce sites is to integrate one or more defined product inserts to display personalized recommendations based on the navigation of customers or visitors to the following site the requirements of the e-merchant.

For the products presented to be relevant, the recommendation engine produced must be automatically calculated by a self-learning algorithm based on hundreds of criteria (purchase history, sale of the day, product visits, basket time, etc.).

The goal of custom recommendation algorithms is to make it easier for visitors to navigate and present products faster than traditional navigation. Browsing data and user transactions are calculated automatically for all users and display products that may appeal to them.

In addition, when a user navigates and makes new transactions, the recommendations are updated in real time to adapt automatically and customarily to the user's behavior. Several scenarios can be set up on the e-commerce site to present the Up-sell, Cross-sell or customization catalog offer. This versatility allows to reproduce or to have similarities with the sale in store or in shop.

Displaying the products produced in product recommendations plays a major role in the user experience and has a direct impact on turnover, inventory turnover and the profits you can generate.

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