Product recommendations

Personalized product recommendations are the future of e-commerce. WMB’s AI-driven recommendation engine makes sure the right shopper sees the right product at the right time. Every time.

Personalized product recommendations

Watch your conversion rates skyrocket with true 1:1 personalization.

WMB’s recommendation engine analyzes hundreds of types of data (browser history, purchasing behavior, products, and more) to generate truly personalized product recommendations for each visitor in real time. Your customers will find your site easier to use and your products easier to buy. They’ll be back!

Commercial Strategy

Personalize your upselling and cross-selling recommendations.

The power of the WMB platform allows you to set up an additional sales strategy customized to your business objectives and business constraints.

Use your experience and skills to implement business rules based on more than 10 pre-set scenarios: personalized recommendations, browsing history, up-sell, cross-sell, best sellers, products seen together …

You stay in control of your business strategy, optimize sales opportunities and improve your revenue and average basket by 15% or more.

Optimization strategy recommendations

A/B test and analyze your product recommendation strategy for continuous improvement and revenue growth.

Track and analyze the performance of your product recommendation blocks every day. Know exactly how many product views were generated, how many products were added to the shopping cart, conversion rates, and add-on sales revenue.

For a given page you can A/B test your product recommendations to find out which ones will best help you reach your online sales targets and grow your revenue.

Key features

Know how your product recommendation strategy is performing and make smarter decisions.


Set up your product recommendation campaigns the easy way with more than ten preconfigured scenarios.


A/B test your campaigns, track performance, and make adjustments for continuous improvement and revenue growth.


Create, preview, and schedule your product recommendation campaigns several months in advance for more efficient management of your recommendation strategy.


Personalize your product recommendation scenarios quickly and easily with simple and easy-to-integrate rules.


Duplicate strategies on other pages in just one click.


Optimize your product recommendations and hit your sales targets.

Customer success stories

The following brands are selling more online with WMB.

Do you want to get more out of your e-commerce site, too?

Get in touch with WMB today to find out how we can help you give your online customers a personalized experience and boost your online sales.

Recommendation product definition


On e-commerce sites, product recommendations consist of displaying given products depending on shoppers’ browser history, for example, and the e-commerce site’s business objectives. Self-learning algorithms generate personalized recommendations based on hundreds of criteria (purchasing history, sale of the day, products viewed, shopping cart time, and more). Product recommendations provide visitors with a more intuitive experience on the site, helping them get to the products they want faster that with conventional navigation menus. A number of product recommendation scenarios (upselling, cross-selling, or personalized recommendations) can be used, aligning the online experience with the in-store experience.

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