Functionality WMB Product Recommendation

Have a salesman in your store to offer your customers complementary products or other more expensive similar products. WMB gives you the ability to customize your customer's journey based on their browsing with advanced merchandising settings.


Offer cross-sell and up-sell products throughout the course of your future customers. This strategy speeds up and facilitates the discovery of your product offering with personalized automatic scenarios on all pages of your site.

Campaigns and scenarios

Plan your product strategy across all pages of your site in less than 10 minutes and automate your upcoming campaigns to prepare your marketing and sales events.

Performance optimization

Do not have a product recommendation for your customers? View additional products that are relevant and likely to be purchased based on the sales potential of your products. Each lens is customizable and can be adjusted at any time depending on performance.

Product listing algorithm (I.A.)

With the analysis of hundreds of criteria (browsing history, purchasing behavior, products, etc.), the WMB technology offers your visitors personalized recommendations in real time. You facilitate the browsing of your Internet users, increase your chances of Sell and retain customers.

Product Rank Score (P.R.S)

The WMB algorithm automatically calculates a Product Rank Score (PRS), and the product recommendations are sorted by decreasing PRS according to the desired objective.

Cross-sell & Up-sell.

Offer cross-sell and up-sell products throughout the course of your future customers. This strategy speeds up and facilitates the discovery of your product offering with personalized automatic scenarios on all pages of your site.


Increase the average basket of your customers for example automatically suggest products that other visitors have bought in addition to their purchase.


Increase your profit by automatically presenting similar products with a higher price on the product pages visited by your users.

Recommendation on your whole site

Use your visitors' data with WMB technology to suggest the most relevant products based on their behaviors. With the analysis of hundreds of criteria and the use of collaborative filtering (browsing history, purchasing behavior ...) Product recommendations are personalized in dedicated inserts thanks to their navigation data, their history and your goals.

Those who have…

Offer your visitors scenarios to facilitate navigation on your site and improve the user experience such as those who saw bought, those who saw saw, last seen product, browsing history...

Merchandising rules.

Refine your settings like a pro, WMB Product Recommendation offers you more than 100 features on advanced product and statistical criteria. You stay in control of your business strategy. Our new generation of artificial intelligence and collaborative filtering WMB offers more than 10 scenarios to customize.

Advanced sorting

Sort the products displayed in the blocks and combine your sorts according to the product attributes of your catalog and your statistics. Automate the sorting of your recommendation blocks according to the importance of certain criteria relating to your business (Stock, Promotion ...).

Hero positions

Define the products that should appear in the recommendation blocks on specific positions that you choose upstream such as your top jacket first.

Send to the top / end

Send one or more products at the beginning or end of your recommendation block based on an attribute or a succession of rules.

Promote / demote

Compose your business rules, favor or disadvantage products, typologies or specific criteria of your business.

Exclusion of products

You can exclude products that you do not want to present to your audience for example excluding a gift card may seem relevant to your business, WMB allows you to exclude easily.


The design of your product recommendations is 100% customizable and allows you to improve the user experience of your site in accordance with your graphic charter.

Improve the user experience

Improve the customer experience and post blocks of recommendations to the image of your site.

Positioning and placement of blocks

You can position your recommendations cross-sell and up-sell on all pages of your site such as: Home page, product page, product listing page, page 404, search results page and pages C.M.S.


Help you with datas to simplify your decision making. Access statistics to study the performance of your marketing and sales campaigns and those of your products to make adjustments and understand the journey of your customers.

Performance of your products

Do you know enough about your products? WMB gives you advanced product data and a better understanding of the purchasing path of your customers and potential customers.

Performance of your campaigns

Measure all marketing and sales campaigns, analyze what worked and how to implement it for your next events.

Optimize your cross-selling and up-selling strategy.

Installed in 1 click. No credit card required. Without engagement.

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