Sell ​​more with up-selling and cross-selling

Marketers and e-merchandisers use WMB Recommendation to enhance the user experience with the display of relevant complementary products.

Increase your average shopping cart, offer more expensive or complementary products based on the history of your customers.

Do you know why our customers choose WMB?

To increase the average shopping cart with cross-sell and customized up-sell recommendations for each user.

Custom recommendations

Reinforce the visual presentation of your new collection and pre-season.


Increase your average basket by offering similar products and additional sales customized to your visitor's history.


Implement an additional sales strategy tailored to your business objectives and business constraints.

Marketing highlights

You stay in control of your business strategy, use your experience and skills to implement business rules based on more than 10 pre-set scenarios: personalized recommendations, browsing history, up-sell, cross-sell, best sellers, products seen together...

Discover the available features.

With WMB, you can optimize your cross-sell and up-sell products as you like, for free.

Measure, learn and develop your business.

Once your scenarios have begun to air, you can access statistics to see how they and your products perform to make adjustments quickly.

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Simply create a scenario to automatically present related cross-sell and up-sell products customized for each user using your data and history.

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Cross-sell & Up-sell

Apply product prescriptions based on your product pages, shopping cart, listings, 404 and CMS.

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Merchandising rules

If you want to apply settings like a pro, the WMB platform offers you more than 100 features on advanced criteria.

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The design of your recommendations blocks is 100% customizable and allows you to improve the user experience of your site in accordance with your graphic charter.

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"The WMB prediction allowed me to customize my cross-sell and up-sell strategy with relevant advanced analytics."

Bastien Borget, Digital Manager, Merci Merci

Optimize your cross-selling and up-selling strategy.

Installed in 1 click. No credit card required. Without engagement.

Start! it's free

Other levers for a simple optimization of merchandising.

Visual merchandising

Increase your average basket by offering complementary or similar products adapted to the visited product or the contents of the basket of each visitor.

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Create and plan your searchandising campaigns, and offer products tailored to each user based on their research and marketing operations.

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