WMB Partner Program

Our innovations develop your business opportunities with our exclusive program that offers support and priority support for your customers.

Discover the benefits of the 5-point partnership program.

To increase the average shopping cart with cross-sell and customized up-sell recommendations for each user.


Increase the performance and profitability of your customers.


Automate time-consuming merchandising tasks for your customers.

Key features

Expand the functionality of the e-commerce platform or C.M.S. of your client.


Get training and personalized follow-up.


Benefit from privileged rates that become an advantage for you and your customers in their growth.

"Quick access to WMB's functional roadmap gives us time to plan what will work best for our customers, so we can prepare them to start using these tools as they become available."

Pascal Brunel, General Manager in charge of the e-Commerce Division, Synolia

You have a question?

What are the terms of the partnership?

Before you start please read the terms and conditions of our partner program to ensure that the partnership is a winner.

What information is required to be a partner?

We need:

  • all the information about your company;
  • to know how you will use the WMB offer with your customers;
  • leaflets or urls that describe our product in addition to your website if any.

Before selling the WMB solution should I be trained?

Training is included with the partnership agreement and a standard coaching is automatically set up to help you with your demonstrations and strategies.

What is the duration of the partnership?

The duration of the partnership is indefinite and without commitment, each of the parties, if it deems it necessary, can put an end to this partnership without delay.

Interested to join our partner program?

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