First step with WMB

Are you new to WMB? You do not know where to start ? Follow the steps to easily start maximizing your business effortlessly.

Let's start by organizing your listings pages.

After a Google search, often your visitors, your fans, your customers will browse your listings product pages to understand your brand image and your catalog.
Start by organizing your first category automatically, all you have to do is create a scenario and then automate your list of products with a conversion goal.

Try it, it's free!

No scenario? No problem. Play with your products.

You can start moving your products without any scenarios on your site to test our tools, view your catalog and compare possible optimizations.

Play with my productsLearn more about the product listings pages

Automate your 1st listing page.

Edit your category.

Choose a category that you associate with your MY_TEST scenario.

Choose your goal.

Choose a conversion, margin, or sales goal. With smart settings you have +100 features to suit your strategy.

Move your top products.

Work your gondola head first by adjusting the TOP 3 position in your category.

Publish the new ranking.

WMB allows you to display your listing in real time on your site. Publish and view your live strategy.

Good job, your visitors are delighted to discover an offer to your image.

Want to move up a gear?

Duplicate your strategy.

Apply your strategy on the whole site glass by duplicating the scenarios initially created. In a few clicks, your site is fully optimized.

Plan your Marketing and Sales events in advance.

Do you want to spend a minimum of time on your product ranking? Remember to program your strategy in advance on all of your listings pages in less than 10 minutes and let WMB guide you through the analysis.

Expand your merchandising strategy with Up-sell and Cross-sell.

Optimize the user experience with WMB. Our feature toolbox offers cross-sell and up-sell scenarios to personalize to perfect your merchandising strategy. Think about it and keep your customers loyal with courses tailored to your customers.

Opt for a 360° E-merchandising strategy with searchandising.

Standardize your merchandising and offer adapted products on your internal search engine based on users' behavior, their navigations and your commercial operations.

Optimize your first category page.

Installed in 1 click. No credit card required. Without engagement.

Start! It's free
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