Unlock the power of predictive e-merchandising

Boost online customer engagement by delivering a personalized shopping experience with WMB’s end-to-end e-merchandising solution.

Visual Merchandiser

Show your customers exactly what they want.

Increase sales across all of your product category pages. Automatically display the products your customers want for a truly personalized shopping experience.

Visual Merchandiser leverages powerful predictive analytics to :

– Plan campaigns according to strategic events like sales, promotions, or new product releases
– Manage promotions according to season, inventory, new product releases, or personalized attributes
– Promote each product according to your audience with easy drag-and-drop, automated rules, promo products, and other features
– Measure site performance with A/B testing, total sales, margins, and conversion rates

Visual Merchandiser automatically manages product display settings, tracks performance, and makes strategic adjustments in real time for a truly 1:1 personalized experience for each shopper.

Product Recommendation

Seize on every cross-selling and upselling opportunity.

Give your sales strategy a boost by reaching out to your customers with personalized product recommendations. Take full advantage of our new generation of artificial intelligence and collaborative filtering technology for: cross-selling, upselling, personalized product recommendations, “other customers also viewed”, top sellers, “you may also like..”, and more.

Help every customer browse your e-commerce site easily and efficiently and watch your sales increase by 15% to 25% according to your business objectives on every page across your site:

– Product pages
– Category pages
– Homepage
– Shopping cart page
– Pop-ups
– Search and 404 pages


Give every customer a dynamic on-site search engine and personalized search results.

Increase your sales with our self-configuring e-commerce search engine that optimizes:

– Search suggestions and results
– Typos
– Auto-complete
– Multilingual searches
– Your objectives (total sales, margins, conversion rates)

Your customers will enjoy a more user-friendly shopping experience and see the products they are most likely to purchase according to their past on-site behavior.

WMB Technology

Make your e-merchandising strategy more powerful than ever with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can help make e-merchandising implementation simpler through increased automation so that you can focus on developing winning strategies and reaching your targets.

WMB’s technology gathers data at key points in each customer’s shopping experience and analyzes the relevance of each product in your catalog (mobile and desktop versions of your e-commerce site) to automatically place each customer in an environment where they are more likely to make a purchase. Plus, your customers will find your site easier to navigate, with response times of less than 200 ms.


Our technology will increase your online sales and save you time on e-merchandising implementation.


products optimized


personalized strategies

8 Hours

saved per week

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Definition: e-merchandising


E-merchandising, or e-commerce merchandising, is derived from traditional brick-and-mortar retail merchandising, which refers to the range of products available for sale in a store and how they can best be displayed to incite customers to buy. E-merchandising consists of techniques to ensure the optimal sale of products online. A successful e-merchandising strategy factors in customers’ wants and needs and the company’s sales strategy and targets. The goal is to maximize sales by creating an online shopping experience that encourages customers to make purchases. Excellent results can be obtained using predictive algorithms and analyzing past customer behavior to provide a 1:1 personalized experience for each customer.

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