Optimize your brand story with WMB scenarios

We've made it easy for you to create quick campaigns and e-merchandising scenarios that are 100% customized for your brand.

Your story starts with the creation of scenarios.

We know that your needs and goals are many, with WMB you have the ability to create and compose as many scenarios as you want on a single platform for:

Pages listings products
Pages listings of results and suggestions
Cross-sell & up-sell recommendations

Plan and tell the seasonality of your upcoming events.

With scenarios, your E-merchandising campaigns can be planned in advance to manage the optimal organization of your products. You wait, WMB runs and your optimizations are in place.

Give your campaigns a name.

You prepare the balances? Black Friday? Or other special events? To find you in the analyzes, WMB gives you the possibility to choose the name of your campaigns. So it's up to you!

Modify / adjust the start dates.

You can prepare your campaigns in advance and reuse your old campaigns to analyze and understand your success.

Schedule your upcoming announcements.

Plan all of your campaigns in advance to avoid a significant last-minute workload. With WMB, you focus on the analysis and success factors of your products.

Measure the performance of your product trends.

With WMB and analytics visualizations you have an important source of information to compare your marketing and sales actions.

WMB gives you the solution to optimize your e-merchandising.

Leverage all WMB features to make discovering your product offering a unique experience for every visitor.

Visual Merchandiser

Organize and optimize your product listings pages, in a few minutes tell you the story of your brand with your products and plan your upcoming events.

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Combine the relevance of the results of your search engine and merchandising, the discovery of your offer must match the story you want to tell.

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Product recommendation

Expand cross-sell and up-sell opportunities across your site with an innovative personalization engine, unleash the potential of your story.

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Optimize your first category page.

Installed in 1 click. No credit card required. Without engagement.

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Find out what else you can do with WMB.


And if you use the power of automation to build a successful sales tunnel. Let WMB take care of your repetitive tasks with more than 100 features available to bring your brand strategy to life.

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Organize your products and process your data to assert your competitive advantage. As support for decision making, WMB allows you to collect product and customer data.

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Connect your shop quickly without effort and without technical intervention to benefit from +100 features that help your teams customize the offer displayed on your website.

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