Automate your time-consuming tasks

And if you use the power of automation to build a successful sales tunnel. Let WMB do your repetitive tasks with more than 100 features available to bring your brand strategy to life.

Tell the story of a brand without automation is from another time.

If you need to prepare multiple marketing or sales events, you can create and organize custom campaigns to get WMB to do the job for you.

Marketing Events (Must Have, Private Sales, ...)

Launch new collection

End of season and over-stock management

Sale and Black Friday

E-mail marketing

Automation is good, artificial intelligence (AI) is better.

Whatever the seasonality of your business that you want to work, WMB optimizes your objectives with artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate your grip and ensure the performance of your marketing actions.

Rankings optimized products

The organization of your category pages is automated and your products are automatically positioned on your listings pages to increase your chances of selling and avoid the time-consuming tasks of your teams.

Enhanced searches and suggestions

An optimized search engine with relevant suggestions without technical parameters.

Automatic cross-sell and up-sell

With the personalized product recommendation you deliver 1 to 1 proposals to your visitors.

Personalize your story with our merchandising settings.

Automate most common tasks and improve the experience of your users. With over 100 merchandising settings available, you can keep your strategy in check. Whatever algorithm you choose, you can refine your settings like a pro.

Schedule the start of your campaigns.

Plan campaigns and scenarios without worrying about last-minute setup.

Promote / demote

Compose your business rules, favor or disadvantage products, typologies or specific criteria of your business.

Send at the top / end

Send one or more products at the beginning or end of your product listing based on an attribute or a succession of rules.

Drag and drop / pinned products

With the drag n 'drop WMB feature, you can adjust and move your products wherever you want, for example in your product listings grid. You keep control over your strategy.

Advanced sorting

Automate the sorting of your products and combine your sorts according to the attributes of your catalog and your statistics (Stock, Promotion ...).

Exclusion of products

You can exclude products that you do not want to present to your audience, for example, to easily exclude a gift card or other irrelevant products.

Let's play with your events, WMB customize a service to your brand.

Take advantage of WMB features to unlock the potential of your e-commerce platform and help you discover your product offering in line with your strategy.

Marketing Events

Organize effortlessly your events and communicate with your products in the image of your activity (Must have, Promotion ...).

Launch new collection

A highlight of your season must be managed with precision, organize your new collections in advance.

End of season and over-stock management

Avoid over-stocks and free cash by focusing on old products or over-stocks.

Sale and Black Friday

Strong moments not to miss, a few days to sell everything. To avoid pressure from your teams, work upstream.

E-mail marketing

Raise customers who want to know more about your brand, make sure you create the image of your brand.

Optimize your first category page.

Installed in 1 click. No credit card required. Without engagement.

Start! It's free

Find out what else you can do with WMB.


We've made it easy for you to create quick campaigns and e-merchandising scenarios that are 100% customized for your brand.

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Organize your products and process your data to assert your competitive advantage. As support for decision making, WMB allows you to collect product and customer data.

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Connect your shop quickly without effort and without technical intervention to benefit from +100 features that help your teams customize the offer displayed on your website.

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