Detect the weakness of your products with WMB analysis

Organize your products and process your data to assert your competitive advantage. As support for decision making, WMB allows you to collect product and customer data.

Write the story of tomorrow with the trends of your products.

Be the expert of your campaigns to predict in advance the behavioral changes of your customers around your products with advanced dashboards.

Product performance

Campaign performance and scenarios

A/B tests

Simplify your task, WMB allows analytical visualization.

Process the customer journey with visualization of data to manage and optimize in real time the 3 main axes of all product specialists. It becomes easier to automate tasks with high added value.

Before season

Know the customer journey interests you? WMB helps you understand it better and gives you the shopping experience of your audience

Current season

Do you want to know which products perform best without effort? WMB gives you an easy and intuitive dashboard.

After season

Stock-outs are factored into the WMB intelligence engine, you can finally measure them to make the right decisions.

WMB gives you the keys to your business, maximize it without effort.

The data of your customers are the stake of tomorrow, exploit them wisely to facilitate the discovery of your product offer. Do not imagine your brand, build it!

Product performance

All the performances of your products on a single dashboard with a visual management tool.

Campaigns and Scenarios

Taking the right decisions means analyzing the performance of your marketing campaigns.

A/B tests

The A / B test is a support to help you optimize your campaigns.

Organize your first category page.

Installed in 1 click. No credit card required. Without engagement.

Start! It's free

Find out what else you can do with WMB.


We've made it easy for you to create quick campaigns and e-merchandising scenarios that are 100% customized for your brand.

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And if you use the power of automation to build a successful sales tunnel. Let WMB take care of your repetitive tasks with more than 100 features available to bring your brand strategy to life.

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Connect your shop quickly without effort and without technical intervention to benefit from +100 features that help your teams customize the offer displayed on your website.

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