Visual merchandiser

An optimised display of your product catalogue, enhanced with dynamic rules. For dynamic category pages, to fit your sales strategy in real time.

The outcomes of the Visual Merchandiser

The use of the Visual Merchandiser feature increases your conversion rate up to 10-22% and saves you up to 5 hours of weekly tasks!


Would you like to adjust manually your E-merchandising? Enjoy the Drag & Drop functionality interface, that allows you to keep an agile and efficient e-commerce site.


Automate the allocation of product listings on each pages. Execute hundreds of suggested combinations to maximize your sales revenue.


WMB robust Algorithms perform sophisticated strategies to sell faster and better your e-merchandising. WMB algorithms analyse in real time the status of your sales, stock and purchase behaviour. To present you the most suitable strategy.

Optimise the ranking of your product offering to sell more, faster and better

Hundreds of algorithms

Choose from hundreds of predictive algorithms, and automate the ranking of your page categories. Based on better margins, Bestsellers, or best conversion rate.

Mastering your products

Create sorting rules to promote or drop a product by product type, brand, or a catalogue, according to your marketing strategy.

Optimise customer experience

Offer to your visitors the greatest enjoyment in their online shopping experience, Promoting quick, complete and relevant personalized offers.

Easy to use

The visual Merchandising feature transcribes your business goals into your website. It is capable to make fast changes, adjusting your e-merchandising, using the Drag & drop functionality.


Boost your website's performance

Easily optimize your page categories. The WMB algorithms improve (margins, sales or conversion). Your visitors will enjoy the perfect balance of your product offering. The powerful machine learning algorithms capable to automate products with relevant sales potential, at the top of the first page.

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Create attractive crown heads ...

With WMB solution, your E-merchandising strategy becomes flexible and malleable like a physical store. Set shelves to expose products by type, brand partners, high availability, products, or special offers. According to your commercial strategy in strategic positions.

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Save time on your business operations ...

Save time during sales periods or promotional events. Set "Top Products" on entrenched positions or use effective sorting rules to classify your product catalogue. For example; by promotion, novelty, price, etc. The preview tool will allow you not only to test and adjust your e-merchandising in a secure environment but also to not impact your business. Meanwhile, you are working your filing strategy, product choices on your page categories.

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Are you interested in the Visual Merchandiser?

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