Template creator

The Template Creator WMB allows you to quickly and easily create a professional and personalized 1to1 communications. Also you can edit your templates for Mail, SMS and Pops-up in minutes thanks to the Drag & Drop feature, which will save you a lot of time!

The outcomes of Template Creator

The functionality of WMB Template Creator allows you to create a real 1to1 communication and saves you hours of work weekly.

Dynamic content

The Template Creator allows you to insert dynamic content directly into your email templates. In addition, capture easily the attention of your customers and anticipate their needs by inserting blocks of recommendations in your emailing.

1to1 communication

Deliver real 1to1 communication by inserting personalized texts according to each user: Tailor your message to your emails, SMS and pop-ups to improve your conversion rate.

100% customisable

The Template Builder allows you to customise all your emails, SMS, content, 100% of your block recommendation. To achieve total control of your communication and marketing actions.

Intuitive and easy to use

Send free and unlimited SMS’s tests using an email template to quickly validate your communication.

Enter your email

Choose from various block components, to create easily your email structure, for example: texts, visuals, videos, columns, banners, etc.

Html code

The template Creator allows you to view and directly modify the HTML code of your email template to achieve limitless personalisation.

Edit your SMS easily

Create your SMS and preview the result directly on the online SMS simulator. Reduce the SMS’s configuration time for maximum impact and return on investment.

Save your templates

Your 1to1 communication campaigns are recurring? Create and save your email templates for reuse by modifying only the content!


Email template

Create easily using the drag and drop feature personalized emails, that are natively optimized for mobile devices. The WMB template Creator feature offers tailored email templates to boost your marketing strategy (revival cart, customer reviews collection, newsletter, follow-up control, etc.) that you can use or adapt according your needs. Easily integrate predictive product recommendations and easily customize emails based on your recipient’s profile to improve the relevance of your communication.

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SMS template

Quickly create your SMS messages using the Template Creator functionality. Add your content to view the results in real time. Improve the relevance of your communication by personalizing your SMS according to the profile data of your recipients (name, surname, gender, etc.)

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Pop-up template

Create customizable pop-ups to engage your visitors in real time with responsive pop-ups. The template creator, offers overlays suitable for your marketing and sales objectives models (re-commitment customers to abandon their shopping cart, collecting newsletter subscriber, increased incentive cart, etc.)

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