Social Manager

Share with your team and optimize your communication, plus connect with our experts in strategy, S.E.O., S.E.M., S.M.O. and manage your social networks from a single platform.
Social Manager

The advantages of WMB Social Manager services?

Communicate effectively with the WMB platform: simply connect with your teams, go to Service "Experts WMB" and manage your social networks on a single platform. The WMB Experts accompany you on strategic issues, you can request them at any time according to your needs, seasonality and the skills of your teams.


What brings you the i-WMB Collaboration services

WMB Products

Social Manager services are tailored to digital marketing today issues, and rely on powerful collaborative tools.
Optimize your SEO using our technical solutions and your advertising spend, improve conversion and margins.


Optimise the ordering of your products catalogue with our powerful algorithms and boost your sales.

Marketing Automation

Create efficient e-marketing campaigns with the Trigger tool to organise your mails and sms.

Forecast optimisation

Gain stock predictions and an optimised price management for your business