Optimise the reference of your online business, using our extensions dedicated to Magento and Prestashop.

What WMB can do for you

Using the SEO booster plugin, you can boost your referencing + 30% in Google & Bing decreasing bounce rates using relevant landing pages.


With our technology, based on dynamic regular expressions, SEO optimise your Magento or Prestashop C.M.S avoiding duplicate content.


Get a complete optimisation of your Front-end structure, determine goals and dynamic content (description, Hn, title, ...). Your visitors will reach directly to your landing pages, thanks to relevant offers content.


Our interface allows you to easily set the SEO booster module, which is accessible 24/7.

Increase your market share in search engines and improve your conversion rate.

Make meta writing easy for you

Automate the dynamic meta writing (title, description, keywords, HN) and optimise your robots.txt directly in your office.

Open source and safe

The module is open source then you will own your data and the module does not require any key.

Control your filters and tags

Use canonical URLs rewriting in filters and tags of your C.M.S. PrestaShop or Magento.


Optimise your robots.txt directly in your office.

Maximise your market share

With rewrite filters, let your product catalogue do the work for you. The SEObooster module creates all "generic" possible combinations and "long tail" based on the attributes of your product catalogue.

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Increase your conversion rate

S.E.O optimizes and becomes friendly to frame e-commerce, as your visitors arrive to optimized pages aligned with their research. You will decrease your bounce rate and increase your conversions by presenting relevant offers.

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Optimise your team time in content description

Optimise the structure of your electronic commerce, creating pages with unique content, unique meta descriptions.
With a mini language based on regular expressions, SEO booster allows to build dynamic content and avoid duplicate content on your website. All filters of your products are included in your contents.
Becoming an expert S.E.O. and simply remove duplicate content on your site.

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The SEOBooster interests you?

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You are looking for an open source S.E.O. referencing solution for Magento or Prestashop? Try the open source WMB solution dedicated to the optimisation of e-commerce sites' structure on the Prestashop and Magento C.M.S. .