Boost the relevance of your search results. Increase your conversion rate using personalised products to every user!

Optimise your search engine:

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Enhance user experience through effective and personalized search

A Relevant offer

The WMB learning algorithms improve the relevance of internal search results. The learning algorithms are based on visitors' behavior.

Strategic Outcomes

Choose to exclude the least efficient products, to make profitable search results.

Easy integration

An A.P.I simple to install in minutes to replace your standard search engine.

Optimised experience

Suggestions to customers related to product offering, which integrates a complete synonyms dictionary. Performing an easy navigation and search.


Enabling autocomplete

Improve the effectiveness of your search engine, suggesting intuitive products to your visitors.

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Relevance improvement

Optimise the relevance of your search results. Our learning algorithms will personalise search results according to customers' behaviour.

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Mastering results

Master your search results by choosing to exclude non-performance products. (weak sales, low margins, sold out) depending on your strategy.

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You are looking for a solution to improve your internal search engine's search results on your e-commerce platform? Try the WMB solution to improve the pertinance of the search results on the Prestashop or Magento C.M.S.. We can connect to your site through efficient and pioneering modules.