Product Recommendations

Optimise your block recommendation products and personalise your visitors shopping experience. Boost your sales and increase your shopping cart.

The Benefits of the Product Recommendation

The integration of recommendation blocks WMB products on your site enhances turnover growth by 10% to 30%


Use powerful and efficient algorithms using blocks on all pages to increase your conversions.


Propose personalised product recommendations based on user navigation in real time.


Set the size, colour and position in your block recommendations for an easy integration into your site.

A Personalised and intuitive offer to sell more.

Improve your 404 error pages

Decrease your bounce rate and encourage users to return to the buying cycle by installing recommendation blocks on 404 pages.

Tailored offers to each user

Boost and Speed up your conversions through a customized real-time offer according to the navigation behaviour of each user.

Scenarios Cross-sell and Up-sell

Improve your margins and average shopping, by offering similar or complementary products through scenarios "Upsell" and "Cross-sell".

Rate Performance

Our Invoice model apply only on sales generated through the recommendations blocks within 30 minutes.


Offer an unique experience to your customers

With solution WMB, present the right product at the right time! Propose automatically products trends that inspire your visitors. Discover customer personalization 1-to-1 to your customers and boost your conversion by posting recommendations blocks on all pages of your site. (Homepage, product page, category page, search page, page 404 and other static pages).

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Speed up your conversions

Enjoy a multiple scenarios choices based on your goals and business strategy. We have more than 10 pre-configured scenarios and self-learners to accompany your visitors in their purchase decision. Personalised recommendations, browsing history, up-sell, cross-sell, best sellers, all products seen together, etc.

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Relevant products in real time

The blocks managed by the solution are filled automatically and in real time. The navigation of each user is analysed and allows to present relevant products to visitors based on their behaviour. Each additional interaction between the customer and your website increases your chances to convert, and retain your customer.

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Are you interested in product recommendation?

Contact us now to get a quote, a demo, or more information about WMB applications. You are just a few minutes to boost your online sales!!

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