Forecast optimisation

Secure your E-Business coordinating pricing and stock control strategy adapted to each product.

The outcomes of WMB Forecast optimization

The machine learning algorithms analyse real-time customer data, performance history and environmental data (weather, school holidays, ...) to offer you optimizations product pricing and a reliable forecast of stock, to boost your profitability!


Forecast Optimization results

WMB Products

The Forecast optimisation feature is suited to e-marketing and provides optimisations in real time on your e-commerce site (Magento, Prestashop,… ).
Our Big data mining algorithms optimise your stocks, your prices, improve your conversion and insure an unrivaled experience to your visitors.


Optimise the ordering of your products catalogue with our powerful algorithms and boost your sales.

Marketing Automation

Create efficient e-marketing campaigns with the Trigger tool to organise your mails and sms.

Social Manager

Ask your questions online to our Experts to boost your SEO strategy, your Adwords campaigns or your social networks.