Feed manager

Export and control your product distribution catalogue in Marketplaces, Comparators, ERP, CRM, ...

The outcomes of the Feed Manager

The data feed manager triggers behavioural pop-ups, text messages or e-mails depending on the user’s actions during the navigation of your e-commerce site. The customer journey is Omni channel and personalised, hence improving your conversion rates and customer loyalty.


Save time all orders are automatically compiled into your Back Office. No need to connect to each marketplace, price comparison, affiliation platform or retargeting.

Maximise your visibility

The WMB solution lets you automatically reference your product files with each partner broadcaster, thus improving your conversion rate.


Deploy your marketing campaigns on comparators, marketplaces and platforms retargeting, using a single solution. Plus, analyse the performances of your product catalogue.

Expand your sales and your reputation

Easy Connection

Connect automatically your product catalogue on marketplaces, comparison websites, platforms and retargeting affiliate from over 100 partners on a single platform.

Build & Export

Build strategies and distribute only products linked to your objectives: the most profitable, bestselling, most stored ...

Platforms choice

Gain flexibility and create tailored catalogue streams. Enjoy the platform optimisation and send your products to third party platforms of your choice: E.R.P., C.R.M., P.I.M. ...

Optimised ad

Optimise your product catalogue distribution, then allot only the profitable products, the available algorithms use automatic exclusion rules.


Increase your visibility

Post your products on more than 100 broadcasters in France, also internationally on price comparators, marketplaces, affiliate networks and retargeting.

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Improve your profitability

Optimise the distribution of your product catalogue, distribute only the profitable products with automatic exclusion rules of WMB solution.

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Save time managing your campaigns

Optimise the time of your teams and distribute your product catalogue via our complete and easy management interface. Centralise all your information and save time in your commercial actions.

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Customisable export

The customisable export WMB functionality allows you to create independent broadcasts of your product catalogue to all platforms: E.R.P. or third party software ready to be plugged to your WMB environment.

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Are you interested in the Feed Manager?

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You are looking for a marketing automation solution to diffuse your products catalogue on comparators and marketplaces? Try the WMB solution, specialised in marketing automation and catalogue diffusions on e-commerce websites on Prestashop et Magento C.M.S.. We can connect your site through powerful and pioneering modules. Our big data mining algorithms are able to provide you with an effective campaign buidler tool to create your campaigns of catalogue diffusions.