Visual Merchandiser

Sell more, faster and better : Customize the display of your product catalog according to each visitor and your strategy.

Automation product strategy

Plan your e-merchandising campaigns.

In less than 10 minutes, easily create e-merchandising campaigns for the highlights of the next 12 months of your e-business. (sales, promotional events, …).

Personalized visual strategy

Customize the placement of your products.

Use your experience and skills to manage and optimize in real time the desired display of your product listings. In a few clicks, you organize your gondola heads, move products (drag n ‘drop), filter the highlight of your news or accelerate your best sales with rules and automatic scenarios adapted to your project.

Optimization product listings

Optimize each product in your catalog.

In addition to your personalized strategy, the WMB technology is used to optimize, in real time, the position of the products according to your objective (conversion, margin …) and your audience.
Your visitors get fully customized listings pages through automatic segmentation based on their behavior.

Customer segmentation

Present predictive and personalized product listings in real time for each visitor.

Thanks to its self-learning technology, the WMB platform automatically segments your visitors and personalizes your listing pages in real time for each visitor while respecting your commercial strategy. You thus propose a product offer adapted to the needs of each of your customers, and optimize the potential of turnover of each product.

Key features

Analyze the performance of your e-merchandising strategy and simplify your decision-making.


Simply manage the editing of your e-merchandising campaigns (Drag n ‘drop, Optimized Gondola Heads, Custom Rule etc.)


Focus on high-performance products to work first with our intuitive system of statistical filters.


Pre-view, edit, and schedule your campaigns early to manage your strategy over several months.


Organize quickly your listing with successive sorts and pre-parameterized optimizations (product typology, brand, SKU …).


Duplicate your strategies in just one click in the categories and sites of your choice.


Optimize your listings automatically and improve your business goals with WMB technology.

Success stories

They accelerate their e-business with WMB.

Like Millet, optimize your sales.

Contact us now to test a strategy adapted to your project.
You are only a few minutes away from boosting your profitability online!

Visual Merchandiser definition

Male name.

Visual merchandising is a profession that deals with the visual organization of sales areas in a store, shop or online sales site e-commerce. The goal of visual merchandising is to optimize the presentation of products to meet the satisfaction of customers and visitors to promote potential sales.
This profession combines artistic qualities, economic knowledge, marketing. In e-commerce, doing quality work, be it highlighting a product, an assortment of new collections, promotions or profiting from a profitable sales area requires a functional tool fully integrated into business constraints.

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