Template Creator

Design easy and fast 1-to-1 multichannel business communication, tailored to your marketing strategy.

Templates e-mails

Create personalized emails and templates.

By simple drag’n drop, build personalized and mobile optimized emails. You have models of e-mails that you can customize according to your needs (cart recovery, collection customer reviews, newsletter, follow-up order, etc.). With WMB technology, easily integrate product recommendations or contextual content for your audience to improve the effectiveness of your communication.

Templates pop-ups

Display commercials for each visitor.

Create intuitive and simple drag’n drop custom and responsive pop-ups to engage your visitors in real time. The Template Creator tool offers models adapted to your marketing and commercial objectives: customer re-engagement on the point of giving up their basket, newsletter subscriber collection, basket increase incentive, etc.

S.M.S templates

Deploy your mobile strategy.

Engage your customers more by creating your SMS messages with the WMB Template Creator tool. Personalize your SMS according to the data of the profile of your recipients (first name, name, sex, etc.) to improve your communication and marketing strategy.

Key features

A simplifying communication strategy with a powerful template creation tool.


Design intuitively by simple drag’n drop and in a few minutes your templates e-mails, SMS or pop-ups. No code required!


Enjoy total flexibility, design messages that resemble you, respect your visual identity and your brand image.

100% responsive

Create natively responsive and mobile-optimized templates to give your customers a high-end experience regardless of the reading medium.


Deliver real one-to-one communication by inserting personalized product and content recommendations for each recipient.

Success stories

They accelerate their e-business with WMB.

Like Birkenstock France, personalize your customer relationship.

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Template Creator definition

Male name.

The template creator or template generator is an English neologism. The template creator is a tool used to simplify the creation of e-mail, newsletter of S.M.S. or pop-up without deep computer knowledge.
The goal is to help model creation to facilitate the implementation of marketing operations with simple drag-and-drop.
Today, technology makes it possible to create a dynamic single model that adapts to each user of a contact base (C.R.M, customer or prospec) according to his affinities.

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