Generate more sales : a learning engine that adapts and self-configures to deliver relevant and individualized results.

Personalized suggestion

Submit the right product from the first few letters typed.

Facilitate the navigation of your visitors and reduce search time thanks to product and semantic suggestions. (auto-completion, spelling, synonyms, substitutions, multi-attribute search).

Optimized serch results

Results for every search, in all languages.

WMB technology stores your site’s browsing history and product performance. Each page of results adapts to each request and is optimized in real time with a classification relevant products defined according to your objective (sale, potential, margin, …)

Strategy searchandising

Analyze and control the performance of your search engine.

Generate more sales with a self-learning engine that adapts and self-configures to deliver personalized results.
Track and analyze the behavior of your users to make the user experience more effective to sell and enhance the attractiveness of your online sales site. Every search from the WMB search engine on your site becomes an opportunity to sell.

Key features

Identify the performance of your search engine and simplify your decision-making.


Automate the setting of search results according to your context.


Track the performance of search results and adjust your strategy based on the results.


Customize suggestions and search results with multi-language.


Optimize your search results and improve your business goals with WMB technology.

Success stories

They accelerate their e-business with WMB.

Like Lafuma Mobilier, give your users the research they expect.

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Searchandising definition

Male name.

Searchandising is an English neologism that is directly associated with the search engine of an e-commerce site. Searchandsing combines two concepts of product research and merchandising on an e-commerce site with technology that allows visitors to find the relevant product for their research.
The primary goal is to offer intelligent features such as filters, auto completion, geolocation, tolerance on keystroke errors to facilitate access to the visitor to find the desired product.
To ensure the success of a strategy of searchandising, it is essential to couple this objective with product suggestions and an organization of the successful results pages related to the commercial objectives of the e-commerce site.

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