Product recommendations

The right product at the right time: targeted recommendations for every visitor with the next generation of WMB artificial intelligence.

Personalized product recommendations

Speed up conversions with 1 to 1 personalization.

With the analysis of hundreds of criteria (browsing history, purchasing behavior, products, …), the WMB technology offers your visitors personalized recommendations in real time.
You facilitate the navigation of your Internet users, increase your chances of selling and retain your customers.

Commercial Strategy

Personalize your up-sell and cross-sell strategy.

The power of the WMB platform allows you to set up an additional sales strategy customized to your business objectives and business constraints.
Use your experience and skills to implement business rules based on more than 10 pre-set scenarios: personalized recommendations, browsing history, up-sell, cross-sell, best sellers, products seen together …
You stay in control of your business strategy, optimize sales opportunities and improve your revenue and average basket by 15% or more.

Optimization strategy recommendations

AB test continuously and analyze your product recommendation scenarios to maximize your revenue.

Follow and analyze the daily performance of your product recommendation blocks: product views, additions to the basket, conversion rate, additional income generated … For the same page the WMB technology proposes the implementation of several variants (A / B Test) your product recommendations to determine the best performers according to your objectives.
Rely on the expertise of WMB teams and maximize your revenue.

Key features

Analyze the performance of your product recommendation strategy and simplify your decision making.


Easily manage the editing of your product recommendation campaigns with more than 10 pre-programmed scenarios.


Track the performance of scenarios in your business strategy. A / B test and adjust your strategy based on the results.


Pre-view, edit, and schedule your campaigns early to manage your strategy over several months.


Quickly customize your product recommendation scenarios with simple, easy-to-integrate rules.


Duplicate your strategies in one click in the types of pages of your choice.


Optimize your product recommendations and improve your business goals with WMB technology.

Success stories

They accelerate their e-business with WMB.

Like Millet, optimize your sales.

Contact us now to test a strategy adapted to your project.
You are only a few minutes away from boosting your profitability online!

Recommendation product definition

Feminine noun.

The product recommendation for e-commerce sites is to integrate one or more defined product inserts to display products based on the navigation of customers or visitors to the site according to the requirements of the e-merchant. In order for the products presented to be relevant, the product recommendation must be automatically calculated by a self-learning algorithm according to hundreds of criteria (purchase history, sale of the day, visit, time to put in basket, …)
The purpose of the product recommendations is to facilitate visitor navigation and to present products faster than conventional navigation. Several scenarios can be set up on the e-commerce site to present the catalog offer Up-sell, cross-sell or customization that allows to reproduce or to have similarity with the sale in store or shop.

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