Marketing Automation

Engage, Retain : create advanced marketing campaigns with communications for your customers throughout the lifecycle.

Engaging, converting, fidelizing

Build your marketing automation campaigns.

In less than 30 minutes, easily create smart and personalized marketing campaigns (e-mail, sms, pop-up). You automatically solicit your customer base and spend more time improving your sales and marketing strategy.

Customization one-to-one

Customize your marketing strategy: E-mail, Popup, S.M.S.

Address custom messages with product recommendations and target your message to your audience. Use your experience and skills to personalize 10 pre-set scenarios: cart recovery, inactive customers, loyalty, customer reviews, and more.

Marketing strategy optimization

Test and adjust to optimize your marketing strategy continuously.

Track, analyze and measure the performance of your customer strategy and maximize your revenue with A / B testing of your scenarios and the performance of your target audiences. Continuously adapt your e-marketing strategy to your target’s profile.

WMB technology

WMB at the service of your marketing campaigns.

WMB technology automatically segments your customer base, sends messages with dedicated IPs, and continuously analyzes purchasing behavior in order to advance your repeat business.

WMB automation marketing results

A complete solution to accelerate your e-business and save you time in setting up your marketing strategy.

30 %

converted abandoned carts

+17 %

generated turnover

3 H

saved per week

Success stories

They accelerate their e-business with WMB.

Discover how Les Montagnettes personalize their customer relationship.

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Marketing automation definition

Male name.

Marketing automation is a set of techniques and tools that can automate regular, repetitive and marketing-related tasks such as sending emails, sms or displaying pop-ups on a sales site. line.
The goal of a marketing automation tool is to more effectively target customer populations or segments with process editing.
This process will follow a course of action and help to effectively stimulate the prospect in advancing this process.

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