Qualify, Engage: manage your product merchandising and deliver a personalized user experience in real time.

Visual Merchandiser

Optimize the implementation of your e-merchandising.

Organize the products of your category pages with your business constraints (seasonality, stocks, news, personalized attributes, …), and plan your e-merchandising strategy according to your audience.

Product recommandation

Recommend products in real time.

Optimize your business strategy (cross-sell, up-sell, …) and facilitate the navigation of each user with personalized product recommendations.


Dynamic and personalized search results.

Facilitate the navigation of your users with an optimized search engine that avoids typing errors, uses auto-completion, handles multi-language… and offers the most suitable products for each user.

WMB technology

WMB at the service of your e-merchandising.

WMB technology simplifies the management of your e-merchandising, displays suggestions and relevant search results to your users (with response times <200 ms) in order to optimize your goal (Conversion, margin, …)

WMB e-merchandising results

A complete solution to accelerate your e-business and save you time in setting up your product strategy.

800 000

optimized products

3 000

custom strategies

8 H

saved per week

Success stories

They accelerate their e-business with WMB.

Like them, sell more, faster and better.

Contact us now to test a strategy adapted to your project.
You are only a few minutes away from boosting your profitability online!

E-merchandising definition

Male name.

E-merchandising is a set of techniques ensuring optimal commercial distribution of products on the web. E-merchandising comes from the merchandising of shops and physical stores.
To ensure the success of an e-merchandising strategy, it is essential to take into account the desire of the buyers and the different elements of the marketing and commercial strategy of the company. The objective of the e-merchandising strategy is to maximize sales by respecting the business constraints, by playing on the scope of the bid presented and the commercial actions in progress. The performance of the results is significant with the use of predictive algorithms and the analysis of historical data that allow a 1-to-1 customization.

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