Newsletter campaign & Customised E-mail

Automate the delivery of your newsletters and personalised E-mailing campaigns, according to customers navigation thus improving customer loyalty

Importance of E-mail Templates

The WMB solution enables you to build customized E-mailing campaigns based on visitors behavior. You will be able to automate different marketing scenarios taking into account the segmentation of your customers.


The self-timer in the long term can increase your conversion rate by 25% because it will follow the actions of your customers throughout their life cycle.


All E-mails are 100% customisable, so you can take full control of your communication and marketing actions. The E-mails will be sent and tailored according to each user based on their actions during the life cycle.


The E-mail trigger has the ability to customise and deliver punctual promotional messages, automatically in real time to all visitors: so you gain time and relevance.



Offer a multi-channel customer experience

Targeted campaigns

Customise Directly and accurately your E-mailing campaigns, to retain customers and generate potential purchases.

Communication 1 to 1

Offer to your visitors a unique Omnichannel experience, with the reception of e-mails depending of user profile and behaviour.


Be efficient and save time by automating your E-mailing campaigns, and create customisable templates quickly with WMB solution.

Conversion Objective

The rate of opening of an E-mail is 95%: increase conversion sending different type of messages depending on the pathway stage of your customer.


Focus using advanced scenarios

Create easily different scenarios with the WMB platform, and automate the delivery of E-mailing marketing campaigns. Manage using various possibilities your E-mailing marketing campaigns (appointment confirmation, birthdays, notification of the basket, order confirmation ...).
Filter your contact databases using different scenarios. Involve your customers and send personalized messages for instance a few days of their order, or send e-mails of their abandoned purchase to stimulate the return to their shopping carts.

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Customise your messages

With the self-timer included in the WMB solution you can customise and orient your E-mailing marketing campaigns based on customer behaviour and navigation (abandoned cart after purchase like a promotional campaign). Each recipient receives a personalised message to suit your CRM or database.

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100% customisable

The self-timer allows you to create E-mails templates quickly and easily: let yourself be guided by using our template creator which includes different models ready to use, also you can create your own E-mail templates using our solution. Each template is 100% responsive and improves the conversion on all channels used to your customers. Our technology monitors 24h / 24h and guarantees the deliverability to your customers.

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You are looking for a newsletter and personalised e-mail sending solution? Try the WMB solution, a solution specialised in e-mail campaign sending for e-commerce sites using Magento or Prestashop C.M.S.. We can connect to your site through efficient and pioneering modules. With our Big data mining solution we are able to provide your site with real time optimisations, as well as relevant analysis on the complete customer pathway so that you can overrun the competition.