Customer Reviews

Get a better positioning and rating with authentic customer feedback using a simple and elegant platform.

What WMB can do for you

Automate and insert comments directly into your online store, with no coding requirements.


The WMB solution is the most subtle and efficient system to get real feedback of your products directly on your website.


Customise in a 100% the visual and text content of your emails. Hence you can keep full control over the visual identity, to build long-term customer relationships through the use of custom campaigns.


Deploy ratings and reviews of your products through the search engine results, and increase the percentage of click rate by 17%. Assure the direction of relevant traffic to your online store!

Involve your customers and build long-term relationships, thereby increase loyalty and value with your customers

Increase visibility

Increase visibility and CTR by 17% through organic search results of paid advertisements.

Rich snippets

Deploy ratings results and stand out in search engine results using rich snippets.

Be transparent and professional

Display automatically the comments of your products and services on your site.

Build trust

Generate confidence and increase conversions on your site. The importance is that 85% of visitors need to know that they can trust you before making a purchase.


Get into your website comments without effort.

Find out what your customers really think about your brand and products. Participate in conversations with your customers and respond to their comments directly on the WMB platform. Take advantage building rules to easily manage customer feedback deliveries on Prestashop and Magento platforms.

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Segment using advanced scenariosmarketing

Use advanced scenarios with the WMB tool, optimise the exposure of your customer feedback collection. Choose and automatically distribute emails for example 30% of the opinions of orders and 70% remaining on the views of products to avoid overloading of your customer database. Besides you can automatically generate an email or SMS to be forwarded directly to customers that have not yet responded.

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Show stars and opinions on search engines

Promote automatically customer feedback on the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. using rich snippets. Collect notes and comments supported by the WMB solution and increase the CTR of your SEO and SEM campaigns, thus reducing your marketing costs.

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Share the best reviews on social media

Share in 1 Click the most important customers notices on your Facebook, Twitter or Google page. Build your e-reputation, convert your clients in loyal customers and improve your conversion rate.

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The Customer reviews interest you?

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