Campaign builder

Create automated Multichannel e-marketing campaigns. Model various actions throughout the customer pathway. Develop customer engagement to increase sales revenue.

The outcomes of the Campaign Builder

The use of automated WMB campaigns increases income generated from your customers during the life cycle to up to 15 to 20%, saving you up to 6 hours of weekly tasks.

1to1 personalisation

The WMB technology analysis in real time customer data, this data is personalized to improve the relevance results of the entire customer journey.


Build easily and simply drag and drop advanced fidelity programs, to boost customer engagement.


The Campaign Builder allows you to trigger the right message at the right time on the right channel. So you maximise revenue from the life cycle of your customers.

Convert your visitors and prospects into loyal customers

The Marketing Automation solution WMB will convert and retain customers throughout their life cycle, contextualizing and customizing your message to each user.

Strengthen your strategy

Automate effectively your entire customer journey on a single platform and set relevant scenarios related to your marketing strategy.

A client a pathway

Personalised recommendations blocks based on the pathway of each one of your customers through our predictive algorithms.

Contact your users wherever they are

Distribute Omni channel E-mail messages, Mobile, Web, on-site, or shop by segmenting your campaigns based on user’s profiles.

Consider the view of your customers

Automatically collect customer opinions and orders or products, so you can directly answer the expectations of your customer


Automate your customer engagement

The Campaign Builder functionality allows you to automate the entire customer experience on-site, and off-site, to increase the benefits of your customer data base with our predictive scenarios and self-learners. And you could spend more time analysing and improving your sales and marketing strategy.

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Engage, convert, build loyalty

Take advantage of a multiple choice of advanced scenarios and enable them on demand based on your sales and marketing strategy. Campaign Builder functionality natively offers more than 10 pre-configured scenarios and self-learners to boost customer engagement: cart recovery, re-activating inactive customers, loyalty program, birthday e-mail, collection, Reviews, etc.

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Continuously Test and optimise

The Campaign Builder feature allows you to perform tests multivariate AB on each of your acquisition programs of conversion and retention. Analyse easily the results of your tests and optimize your continuous customer loyalty strategy.

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Make the choice of the most relevant channel E-mail, SMS, social networks,...

The WMB solution offers is a unique multichannel marketing trigger. Depending on your marketing objectives, make the choice of the most suitable channel to send your message to the right target. Thanks to our powerful cinematic tools, programming simple and intuitive email recovery 30 minutes after dropping a basket by your prospects, send a reminder SMS to J + n in case of conversion.

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